Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Content Management System - Architecture

It is of general design philosophy to go from vagueness to detail. Vagueness may seem as a shortcomming, but the insight the overall picture gives is worth it. Hence, to design the system that I wanted, I came up with a very basic picture of what I wanted.

CMS Overall Architecture

As can be seen in the picture, it is basic, but that is the purpose of it. I plan to use server side scripting to get the content from the database, and the layout and design using CSS, and present it as webpage. For server side scripting, I plan to use PHP. I do not have PHP knowledge, but I plan to learn it incourse of this project. For that matter of fact, I do not know CSS that well either, and I plan to learn this too.

So, before even we think of coding anything, we need to know how the content and layout-design would be. The layout design should not be much of a problem, since that is the essense of using CSS. As of content, we do not need the content yet, but we should have a fair idea of how the content is stored. The content would be dynamic, and the only prior knowledge that is required is to know how it would be structured.

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