Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oils again

I had said earlier, that I would put up more of my oil works here, and so I had scanned my second work. It was meant to be a gift for someone, and hence, I had not posted it here. Now, since I have finished the work and already gifted it, I present to you my second oil, Wolf And Rabbit.

Here is another picture of the workplace. As you can see, the items are tools are quite minimal, as I am just starting out. Free Image Hosting at
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sun Tech Days 2006

Sun Tech Days 2006
A Worldwide Developer Conference

The company I work for, sent me for this conference. I have only faint knowledge of Java, and no working experience on any of the Sun systems or related products. This may make you wonder why I was sent for the conference, but it seems to me that organizations can be mysteriously stupid.

Anyway, I land up at the Chennai Trade Centre with one of my collgeue (who is unlike me, and is quite well verse in developing Java applications) with a commute on my Bullet early morning on 7th of February. After a quick swipe of our badges' barcode (that were given to us few days earlier by our Learning and Development department) we had a good cup of coffee, and were off to listen to the welcome speech.

The welcome speech was good, but I cannot recollect who it was who gave it. Then, the Managing Director of Sun Microsystems India, Bhaskar Pramanik said something. As my usual self, I could only give him a dormant ear. What he agreed on was that he was not much of a developer and so he made way to Kiran Karnik and Laura Merling.

The two talked on 'East Meets West: Software and Innovation'. Kiran, the President of NASSCOM, briefed on how the diversity in California led to the establishment of Silicon Valley, that spewed a lot of innovation. And he noted on how similar India is in terms of the diversity.

And after a Sun Technical Keynote and some cool demos, we were off to different sessions. The first two days were broken down into three differnt tracks. We could jump from one track to another, attending sessions that kindled our interests.

Full Agenda: Link

For the morning session on 7-Feb, I attened two sessions from Track 1.
    Java SE: Tiger, Mustang, Dolphin, and You!

    Oracle Technical Session: 5 Ways to use Java with BPEL

After that, there was a good lunch that was provided. It was quite an effort though to have lunch, since there were about thousand plus delegates crowded in the huge hall. Then, there was a Sun Keynote by Laurie Tolson and Karen Tegan Padir. They made their entrace, with a Charlies Angles' kind of pose, and then resumed their talks on the briefings on Java SE and EE.

After that, I attended a session: Java SE on the Desktop: Extreme GUI Makeover.

Following that, I shifted to Track 2 and attended the following two sessions:
    Web-tier Programming Codecamp I: Java Server Faces

    Web-tier Programming Codecamp II: AJAX

The full day of technical sessions had taken a toll on me, and I was in no mood to attend the following Q&A sessions. Moreover, I did not know the Java technology well enough to pose interesting question to them. Conveniently, they had setup a good entertaining session in the open air. There was a good performance by Sivamani (on the drums), Vikku Vinayakaram (on the Ghattam) and Mandolin Rajesh (obviously, on the mandolin). My collegue and me had a good time, and we went back home, totally de-energized.

The next day, 8th, we came early, but not early enough, thanks to the Chennai traffic. We missed a session on coffe by a Brew Master. We attended the Oracle Keynote on SOA & The Agile Engerprise, and witnessed the hilarious Java Jacket Give-Away.

I attended the following two sessions in Track 1:
    Design of Cool Java ME Applications for Consumers & Enterprise Users

    Java SE for Real-Time System: A Deep Dive

And again, after a quick lunch, and a boring Keynote on SAP, that I barely sat through without sleeping, I and my collegue attended the following sessions in Track 2:
    NetBeans Extreme: Part I: Matisse and CVS

    Unit Testing - love it or hate it, you should be doing it automatically - by Agitar Software

    NetBeans Extreme: Part II: Profiling, and Plugins

By the end of the day, I was so much saturated by the NetBeans sessions, and ofcourse was overwhelmed by the technology, I called it a quits and said to my collegue that the next day, he would be attending the bonus track on Netbeans himself. Moreover, I had quite a bit of work in office and my team was finding it hard to coverup the absense of a resourse.

All in all, I was satisfied at the end of it. I did not gain much of know-how, but I sure did know what to look out for. I plan to write more on what I have learnt. I may not put it here in the blogs, but I may put links to them.

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