Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More rain!

Yes, more rain. No drain. And that results in floods.

I was just able to make it to the office. There was water all over the road. Trudged the engine of my baby bull, Black Beauty, and moved on to my office.

I had packed some dry clothes in my bag, and I got changed and sat at my desk. I was reporting to duty two hours late. I had just made calls to all my team mates that I just reached office, and found that they would not be able to make it, when the DCH(Delivery Center Head), called the handfull of people for the meeting.

Action plan was draw to inform the onsite as we would not be able to provide offshore support for long. Kind of disaster recovery. So, I am back here at my seat, juggling calls to all the onsite people and clients, and I am even able to make a call home. Home in the sense, my parents. You know how hysterical mothers can be watching the flooding scenes on the television and knowing their son is there. It just does not cross their mind that their son could be sitting eleven stories high in dry clothes, working.

I think that is it. I need to work.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rain and drain

I had quite an adventure today with my bike 'Black Beauty'. How does she look? Almost like the picture here, but with out the visor and the saddle bag.

It so happened that my friend had come over to Chennai, for this Visa related interview at the embassy. He had arrived late in the evening the the previous day.

The next day, he was done with his interview, and he called me up. It had been a long time since I had met him, so went to and picked him up, and came home. We spent some time together.

It had been raining mildly when we decided, I drop him back. He would hire a auto-rikshaw, after I dropped him as far as I could. Everything was fine, as we donned our rain coats, and cosily started from my place. But the rain god seemed to have other plans with us.

The place he had to go was quite some kilometers away, and as the weather worsened, the auto-rikshaw drivers refused to get hired. And so, I thought I would drop him off myself. It was easier said than done. If one lives in the city of Chennai, they would know what I am trying to say. When it rains, it seems like the city-planners of Chennai did not know the concept of drainage.

There was water level on the road, more than knee-high, threatening to ruin my Black Beauty's engines when we were half way through. I realized this and happened to cut into a cross road that seemed to have a bit higher ground level. Then, we were lost in a maze of water filled roads and sub-urban flats by the seaside. It took quite a effort to drive in the dark and tormenting rains, and finally we reached the beach side road and headed north.

It was the end of adventure for my friend, when we found a auto-rikshaw driver, who agreed to get him to his hotel. But then, for me it was another gruelling hour. I took a different route, hoping that the situation of roads would be better. They were indeed better, but the problem was that, many other people thought the same. The result was wading with my bike with trafic jams at a turtle's pace, in knee-high water.

Returning home, my stomach started growling at me, indicating I had delayed in answering its calls. So, I went to a eating place, a usual haunt of mine during dinner time. After dinner, I went home, took a hot water bath. I had to report to work, as I was in night shift.

[I know, I know. This post does not come under 'ponderings'. But let me tell you some thing. Earth is not a perfect sphere.]

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A heads-up

It seems like I am doing quite well here. I have been able to atleast initiate on the commitments I made in my previous post.

The first of the two blogs I promised to start has been put up, and can be found at '
Universe of Star Wars'. And I think I should be able to start with the other blog on roleplaying soon. Keep looking at the side pane here.

It is another issue, as to how I would be able to keep up updating them. I do not even know how I would be able to keep updating this blog on the first hand.

What can be said? There is a dimension called time in this time-space?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

More on obsession

Dwelling on the word 'obsession' I thought I would better look up a dictionary, so that I do not mess things up. It came close to what I had assumed it to be. The stripped down version of what I got out of the dictionary (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary - Indian Edition) is as follows:

obsess v fill the mind of (sb) continually
obsession n 1 state of being obsessed 2 thing or person that obsesses; fixed idea that fills the mind

Come to think of it, I am very close to develop an obsession on the word 'obsess'.

More on my other obsessions, I do have obsession on roleplaying games. I wonder sometimes, if I would soon be engulfed by these obsessions and breach the walls of craziness into the realm of insanity.

Insanity, is more in terms of chaotic behaviour. So, I have come to a resolve that I would soon practice my obsessiveness in a orderly behaviour. Expression of these would greatly reduce the build-up of them with in me.

And so, expect two more blogs along with 'Ponderings of Mahesh Bhat'. Not yet thought of a fitting title but the subjects it would be on, I have already decided.

Well, committing like this has its own advantages and disadvantages. It has that nagging nature, so that I do it for real and not let it rot in my mind like many of the other thoughts. But on the other hand, the humiliation it would bring, I cannot imagine, if I do not get the two above mentioned blogs materialized.

Regarding obsessions

I wonder sometimes, as to what goes on in the organic mind of people, who have these obsessions. I mean, I am not trying to seperate myself from the people I am referring to. I too have obsessions. More over, as some one said (I cannot quite place, who said it), "The experiment and the experimenter are inseperable."

Coming back to my pondering on obsession, people go to lengths to get satisfied with whatever they are after. There are many instances when the obsession people have, ruin them and at times, become the cause of thier destruction. I sometimes think, how could it be that the evolution that plays by the rule of "Survival of the fittest" came to such a turn, where the entities inflict self-damage with great zeal.

Luckily, I do not have any such obsession, or I atleast think so. I do have quite a few, though. The latest one is my craze to collect all the novels that has been published in the StarWars universe. I recently shelled out about a little more than thousand bucks on a clearace sale, gabbing all the StarWars I could lay my hands on. It is a different story as to how I managed to get the bulk to my house.

It was quite a pleasure for me to watch the begining of my collection. It did not bother me least that it costed me quite a bit of my earnings, and also it just crossed my mind momentarily that I would be now spending quite a few nights without a blink of sleep. I also hope write-up my views on the books I am done with. I may even start a blog on the StarWars novels.

What all we do, for our obsessions?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Here goes another attempt at blogging!

I tried it before, but never got the hang of it. May be, I was too busy with other things. May be, I was too chaotic. Now, though, life seems to be a bit organized, though there is turmoil. Ofcourse, there is turmoil everywhere, even under the seemingly calm waters of a serene looking ocean.

Thus, I decided to blog.
Another run, another try.
Never say die.

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