Thursday, October 06, 2005

More on obsession

Dwelling on the word 'obsession' I thought I would better look up a dictionary, so that I do not mess things up. It came close to what I had assumed it to be. The stripped down version of what I got out of the dictionary (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary - Indian Edition) is as follows:

obsess v fill the mind of (sb) continually
obsession n 1 state of being obsessed 2 thing or person that obsesses; fixed idea that fills the mind

Come to think of it, I am very close to develop an obsession on the word 'obsess'.

More on my other obsessions, I do have obsession on roleplaying games. I wonder sometimes, if I would soon be engulfed by these obsessions and breach the walls of craziness into the realm of insanity.

Insanity, is more in terms of chaotic behaviour. So, I have come to a resolve that I would soon practice my obsessiveness in a orderly behaviour. Expression of these would greatly reduce the build-up of them with in me.

And so, expect two more blogs along with 'Ponderings of Mahesh Bhat'. Not yet thought of a fitting title but the subjects it would be on, I have already decided.

Well, committing like this has its own advantages and disadvantages. It has that nagging nature, so that I do it for real and not let it rot in my mind like many of the other thoughts. But on the other hand, the humiliation it would bring, I cannot imagine, if I do not get the two above mentioned blogs materialized.

Obsession.... "An idle mind is devil's workshop". Thats what we usually hear, and assuming that its true, we can conclude that every mind in this world is obsessed. Obsessed with something or the other. Some call it "interest". I know there is a subtle difference between obsession and "interest". But many times, these interests do turn into obsessions. And I believe there is no person in this world who doesnt have a obsession.

Well, am obsessed too. Obsessed with what, i cant list out. But, RPG and Star Wars do appear in my list of obsessions. Star Wars and RPGs started as interests on my list, but ended up as obsessions. Maybe thats why I can understand the obsessions of Mahesh. But I know a lot of people who would think of it as insanity. They believe Star Wars is nothing but a joke and RPG is for kids. I consider these people as ALIENS. Am sure Mahesh would agree with me, well, he will have a better word to describe them. But then, i can comprehend how people live on earth and not like Star Wars. Well, I can compromise on RPGs. But, Star Wars??? NEVER...
Orderly obsessiveness... Now there's a concept!

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