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Those of you who have been regular readers of this blog may notice that I do am quite sporadic in updating my blogs. The reason, I sometimes wonder, must be because I am getting myself involved in too many subjects than I can keep track.

Click to see full size (nearly 1MB)

One of my recent diversions is oil painting. I had been doing paintings and pictures in other medium, but had not tried my hand in oils. My first attempt at oils came recently, and I accept it is quite messy. But as they say, failures are stepping stones to success. I learnt a lot doing this (incomplete) piece of work. This particular one has the subject as Thor[1], the Norse God of Lightning, wielding his war hammer, Mjollnir. I have a particular liking to Thor, as opposed to the Hindu God of Weather (Lightning) and War,
Indra[2]. To juxtapose Thor and Indra, would require a detail write up on its own, I leave it for now.

Painting has been an expression of many artists for quite a long time and works in oil paintings have contributed to the major share of the charm in the field of art. It would be hard to find one who has not even heard of the great work, Mona Lisa[3] by Leonardo da Vinci.

Oil painting provides a medium that is as versatile as difficult it is to produce. It gives a very flexible medium, where once the composition is proper, one need not worry about painting it wrong. One can always paint over it again, with the right hue and shade in the next layer. But it takes a lot of patience and skill to generate an oil painting. The annoying thing about the medium is that each layer takes a lot of time to dry up. Each layer must dry before another layer may be painted on it. Some pieces of art may take months to be created.

That said for now, I enjoy it. If you are interested in oil painting, check out the Wikipedia link: Oil painting

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra
[3] http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/vinci/joconde

wah ustad wah....

channeige idde... first nanu yavro kuderamele kutirawa kaatil ankonde... (the way it slowly appeared) ammele yeenappa awanidu samman yake kanuskolthaide antha yochaside... matthe wodede... incomplete work antha...

awanidu kudulu yellow yakke madide... blondie na awwa???
Really Interesting read there!! !
You know what keeping yourself engaged with more than one activity makes your brain tick faster and better. Thats scientifically proved and hence getting messy with more than one activity might be good at the end of the day!

But I do have a question. Did you scan the entire painting or is it the original that influenced you into amother indulgence/diversion?
yes-g, samman hengo torisli. Idu PG-13 painting agi plan madidde!
Anyway, I have to agree, it is bandwidth hungry. I will redo the work so that, it will show a smaller image, linked to a larger one.
And, yes. He is a blondie. So, the base color has to be yellow - or so I think.

akhilesh mohan
The particular work, I cannot actually claim the copyright for the composition. The design, I use from a Marvel Comic, based on Thor. I used the drawing, and painted on my own. The image, sadly is not a scan of the painting, since it is too large. I just took a photograph, and as you can see, it has hidden a lot of details.
Interesting write up.. But the painting did not come as good as the original one.. May be the scan reduced its true colors.. Anyway, did you start on any other painting after that?
Sandy, that is true. I can yet not match the skills of the Marvel Comics artists. And, yes, I simplified it a lot.

I am thinking of starting another oil, but still mulling over the subject.
leh bhatta, why dont you do a unicorn with all the mystery associated with it in your own unique way...i believe unicorns do make a appearance in those animea cartoons of yours...am i right?

and by the way howz the latest oil coming out..when will it come for display to the laymans of oil for that matter any medium of art.
Unicorns... hmmm. Thanks there Akhilesh. I think that was the spark of inspiration that I needed to do something. I was droning on the subject.

As for the other painting you are talking about - yes, it is started, and I will post it up soon.

Coming back to the topic of Unicorn, though it does appear in Anime, it is derived from other mythologies. Do not fret, for, I will write about it, when I paint it and post it here. :)
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