Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oils again

I had said earlier, that I would put up more of my oil works here, and so I had scanned my second work. It was meant to be a gift for someone, and hence, I had not posted it here. Now, since I have finished the work and already gifted it, I present to you my second oil, Wolf And Rabbit.

Here is another picture of the workplace. As you can see, the items are tools are quite minimal, as I am just starting out. Free Image Hosting at
[Click on the images for enlarged view]

Hi Mahesh, Thanks for stopping by my site. Before I say anything else, I see that you have a book review blog, I'll take a look right after this.
Now Mahesh, the reason that I'm so concerned about job outsourcing, is because Americans are hurting right now.
We are seeing jobs that we've worked on for years go over seas and our income disappear.
Just go to the site that I reference on my site, you will see how Americans cant keep loosing low and middle class jobs and still be able to take care of our families, pay for our homes and live the way that we once did.
Health care plays an important role in this also, and with this President and the Republican House, the average citizen is caught between a rock and a hard place.
Most people want start to complain until the high tech and high skill jobs start to leave this country as well.
I want bore you another second, so I'll take a look see at your book review site now.

I have replied at your blog at this link:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Larry Sadler said... (in the comment above)
Hi Mahesh, sorry to just be getting back to you from your last comment.
My new post at Lets Talk About It, tells how I feel about outsourcing and most of all I speak on India.
My e-mail address is [**removed**], feel few to drop by and express your thoughts.
I see that your book review site is still not up and running.

I did not delete it because I took offence or anything like that. It is just that I do not want spammers to misuse the email supplied there.

Larry, I hope you understand my action. I am off to see that blog of yours! :)

And yes, the Book Review blog is not yet running. I cannot do much, my friend runs it, and she is kind of a bit tied up.
Very nice work. If interested, I have a 3d download blog with game download links and also an artgallery blog to post your work in. Let me know and I'll send you the links.
Thank you, Jordan.

I will mail you and you can pass me the link. I would love to look at your art-gallery, and would see if I can post my art-work there.
I read your blog and it was really cool, here please check out mine

I have game downloadblog.
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